Vandals Wrote Hateful Messages On A Family’s Home. Neighbors Quickly Re-Painted Before They Returned!

The Phillips family had taken a weekend vacation trip to the mountains. They packed up their camper and left their truck in the driveway of their home and left, not expecting to return to a yard full of neighbors, police, and a news crew…but when they learned the reason, they couldn’t hold back their gratitude.

Heidi Russell, their neighbor, noticed the vandalism and nearly cried. Scrawled along their home were horrible words that won’t be repeated here, along with “three little letters that we hate to see. It was terrible.” But she was determined to do something about it and started asking neighbors to help. She also called the police in order to file a report.8.22a20

The small neighborhood in Tenino, Washington banded together as dozens of neighbors, armed with paintbrushes, were painting as fast as they could to cover up the words and letters before the family came back from their trip. The officers who responded stayed to help, and the local news station got wind of the story and was there to film the moment that the family returned to their newly-painted home.8.22a21

Our biggest concern was getting this done before the family came home because they have small children and we didn’t want them to see their truck or their home vandalized,” said Russell.8.22a22

Marvin Phillips was grateful, but was more concerned about his kids. No one knows who is responsible for the damage, but the police intend to find out.


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