Vandals Kill 500,000 Bees And That Destroys Family Honey Business…Strangers Raise $30,000 In Two Days

When the owners of Wild Hill Honey took a trip to maintain their bee hives during heavy snow, they couldn’t believe what they found. Their equipment shed had been broken into and everything had been destroyed. While nothing had been stolen, the tools and storage items were now utterly useless. They feared the worst…and as they made their way to visit the beehives, they found their hearts broken. The horrible vandals had destroyed the family’s 50 hives, killing hundreds of thousands of bees in one fell swoop. 

It meant the end of their business. They were able to salvage a small amount of equipment, but there was no way the business could stay in operation. They were facing the end of Wild Hill Honey, a business that they had built from another several years earlier.

But as their story spread, their friends and fans couldn’t stand by and watch it happen. A fundraiser was started in their name…and withing only two days, over $30,000 was raised! With that amount and the salvaged equipment, they would be able to save their business. Come spring, they would start fresh with the donations and the well-wishes of their community to urge them on.

Authorities are still looking into the incident, and locals are hopeful that they will be brought to justice soon.

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