Vampire Cat Finds Love After Being Rescued From Starvation (And Nearly Getting Hit On The Road!)

No one expected this black cat to rush into the street, but thankfully, Nicole was able to stop just in time. If she had hesitated, this story would have ended very differently. She got out of her car and scooped up the startled kitten, bringing him home with her. He was so thin, she could feel his ribs when she held him, and felt his fluttering heart in her hand. It seemed he hadn’t eaten in days, and he had an eye infection that was so bad, he couldn’t see where he was going.11-2a8Sh gave him food a little at a time until he was full. She gave him a bath and wiped his eyes clean. Most of all, she cuddled him and made him feel safe as he was nursed back to health.

As he grew stronger, Nicole began to see his wild side. He loved to run and pounce, earning him the name Monkey (‘Monk’ for short). It fit his personality perfectly…but something strange was happening!

As he grew bigger and stronger, so did his fangs! Long after Nicole thought they would stop, they kept growing..and growing..and growing! She took him to a vet, and after an examination (and shots!) was declared perfectly healthy. The fangs weren’t a danger to the cat. They weren’t getting in the way, and as long as he could eat without trouble, there was no reason to do anything about them.

The “vampurr” cat grew famous, and Nicole posted pictures of him on Instagram where he has nearly 30,000¬†followers!


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