Using Wooden Crates, She MADE Her Own Shelving For Her New Apartment

Getting creative, she wanted to create something rustic and useful for her living room but didn’t want to purchase a large piece of furniture from the store. Instead, she purchased unstained crates from a craft store and got to work! She didn’t have a lot of space to work in, so made do with plastic bags and old cloth on the floor while she stained the crates.
10-10a10Once they were coated with a stain and sealed, she let the dry completely. Once everything was perfectly dry, she began to attach them to one another. She started at the bottom, attaching each crate at four points to ensure that it would be sturdy and balanced. She took her time and created something amazing.10-10a11If your shelving ends up being on the taller side, you may want to consider anchoring it to the wall. Her new shelving is rustic, homey, and above all else, incredibly useful. The different sized compartments means that the storage space can hold just about anything, and adding more shelves inside of the crates is as easy as a few additional screws.10-10a12Personalized shelves are becoming increasingly popular as people begin to make their own furniture at home. Customized for collector’s items, DVDs, makeup, jewelry, and just about anything you can imagine, these pieces add a personal touch to any home. Have you made furniture for your home before? What do you think of her project? You can see more details on this project here!


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