Using Two Old Chairs And A Section Of Old Fence, They Created This AWESOME Custom Bench!

Purchasing new furniture isn’t something that many of us get to do very often, but creating functional, gorgeous pieces of furniture doesn’t have to cost a fortune! This project was created from salvaged items, and with a little bit of paint and patience, a truly beautiful work of art was created!

The chairs were stripped of their seats and spindles, sanded down for painting, and placed a modest distance apart to create the base for this fun new bench.

The fence was cut to size and the holes were pre-drilled to be sure that the wood was sturdy enough and wouldn’t crack during the final assembly. 9-27a10They chose to paint, stain, and seal the chairs and wood once everything had been screwed together. The slats were secured in place and the holes from the screws were filled in with wood putty. Everything was sanded down until it was perfectly smooth.

Next, they added a dark wood stain and sealed everything up with a matte polyurethane coating that would keep the wood from getting wet or rotting away. The bench can now sit outside on a front porch without having to worry about the wood being destroyed by wind and rain.9-27a9Many people have fallen in love with this project. Are you one of them? It’s easy and classic, bringing that cozy feel to a front porch or living room with just two chairs and a piece of fence. See more details on this project here!


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