Using Fallen Branches, She Creates A Stunning MIRROR That Brings A Little Nature Into Her Home!

While this project requires a saw and jigsaw to complete, we think it is totally worth the extra effort!

The decorations will be placed around a mirror, so keep reading to see how to transform it into a whimsical wooden masterpiece!

First, acquire some thick and thin dried out branches. She used fallen branches, but recently trimmed trees may have the sizes you’ll need – just ask your neighbors if you can have a few! Using a saw, cut the branches into slices. You’ll need a lot, depending on the size of your mirror. The shapes can be different, but the thickness should be the same for each circular slice.
10-13a1Cut out a circular shape on a piece of plywood, leaving a few inches around the edge to place the wooden slices. Prime the surface underneath the wood slices to match the color of your walls. If any space is visible between the wood, it will blend in! Glue each slice and apply pressure with wood glue. Cut smaller and smaller pieces to fill in any gaps between the larger wood slices.10-13a2Apply your mirror using Liquid Nails and make sure it is firmly affixed before hanging your creation on the wall.
10-13a3Once you’ve finished, you’ll have a beautiful mirror that could be sold in home decor stores around the country! To see more details on this brilliant project, see the full tutorial here! What do you think of this outdoorsy project?


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