Using Black Garbage Bags And The “Paper Snowflake” Technique, She Creates Spooky Spider Webs

Decorating the house with white paper snowflakes is great fun for the kids during the winter, but one crafty mom decided to try the same technique out on black trash bags and ended up with creepy spider webs! The bags are tough and durable, meaning that she could line them outside on her front porch without ruining them. They withstood rain, wind, and even a brief rainstorm! By adding plastic spiders, she instantly upped the “spooky” level!10-27a6It starts by cutting away the seams and uneven edges of the bag, and cutting out a perfect square (similar to folding a triangle out of white paper and cutting off the end to make a square for snowflakes). She folds the triangle twice more, and on the last fold, flips it over to fold back the diagonal end. This creates a cone-shape with another uneven end. Cut that bit off as well. 10-27a8After cutting out the square shapes on either side, leaving a long “line” down the middle, once it unfolds, a realistic web shape will appear! The large and small garbage bags give the “spiders cave” a creepy feel, and the loose ends hanging about are enough to give anyone the shivers.10-27a7Adding white webbing would enhance the “cave” feeling for one night, but might not withstand more than a day or two if the weather is bad. Stick to materials that won’t be destroyed if it happens to rain, and you can keep your decorations up for the entire weekend! Will you be creating a spider’s next on your front porch?

You can find more details on this project here!


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