Using A Pizza Box, A Toilet Roll, And Hot Glue, She Stuns Everyone With These Awesome Paper Pumpkins!

Sometimes, holiday crafts are just too difficult. They require special tools, specific products, or just too much time to be worth creating. But this craft is so easy, you could create your very own paper pumpkins in no time at all. It’s so easy, you could probably do it right now. Seriously, go grab some scissors and a cardboard box of some kind, and you’re ready to get started!

First, she cuts her cardboard into strips. The more strips, the fuller the pumpkin will be, so go crazy.10-6a11Then, she Folds the strips around a toilet paper roll and glues them down. The strips will overlap each other until a large pumpkin has been formed! 10-6a12When the pumpkin was sufficiently formed, she spray painted the entire thing with gold spray paint, but the final color is up to you! Traditional orange, gold, silver, black…anything will do! She attached pieces of potpourri to act as the “stem” and give off a nice aroma at the same time.

While they have been painted, they are still made of cardboard, so leaving outside during rain or snow will affect them, and if there is enough moisture in the air, the pumpkins may end up losing their shape.
10-6a13These are perfect for temporary outdoor decorations, or long-term indoor decorations! She placed hers outdoors near the front door under an eve and has been able to reuse them year after year!

Will you be creating these adorable pumpkins to decorate your home? We love them! See more details on this project here.


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