Use These Items To Make An Awesome Fall Decoration!

Take a sip of that nice, warm cocoa and get excited for this next autumn-inspired craft! While that chilly weather may be a nice change from the sweltering summer air, many find themselves spending more time indoors to escape the icy breezes. What are you planning to do with all of those extra hours spent next to the heater? Why, you’re going to craft! (Well, probably.)

With fake leaves, mod podge, and a balloon, a magical fall-themed candy bowl is at your fingertips. Bring it to work and keep candies in it. Place it on the dining room table to hold delicious bread. Leave it on that table in the hallway to collect dust. In any case, it’ll be pretty!11-11a10It’s easy, really. Use a generous amount of mod podge and stick the fake leaves to the balloon and to each other, covering them all in a layer of glue to keep them nice and sturdy. They won’t stick immediately and you might have to apply several layers of glue before they lay perfectly.

Once you have the inner layers secured, add another layer on top…but this time, don’t cover the leaves in glue! Stick them on and let the edges stay free. It will help the bowl look more like a pile of leaves instead of a glued-down decoration.11-11a11After it has dried overnight, slowly let air out of the balloon by making a small snip near the knot. If you pop the balloon too suddenly, it can ruin your beautiful leaf creation! 11-11a9What do you think of this cute little craft? Love it or hate it? (Or are you somewhere in between?)


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