Use Recycled K-Cups To Make A Tree-Shaped Advent Calendar!

Do you make coffee every morning in a Keurig coffee maker? A lot of people like to save and recyle their little K-Cups; the 1-use cups full of coffee grounds that deliver easy, fast, and delicious coffee. This creative crafter found a way to make use of these cups by turning them into an advent calendar. If you happen to have a lot of these cups saved, you can make these as gifts for friends and family, too!

Here’s what you’ll need:

Treats, decorations, festive paper, cardboard, stick-on numbers, and anything else you’d like to get creative with!
12-6z13Start by filling the cups with little treats or notes. Cut or punch circles out of festive paper or cardboard. Add numbers to the tops of the cups to represent each day until Christmas. Glue the circles of paper onto the cups. It’s really that easy!
12-6z12Glue the cups down onto a tree-shaped bit of wood or sturdy cardboard and display it in your home! Many families like to hang advent calendars near the fireplace, and others keep them in the kitchen to open at breakfast or dinner together as a family.
12-6z11Do you participate in this tradition? This idea is easy and fun (and depending on what you place inside of the cups, also delicious!) and they make the holiday season even more special. Will you try this project out? You can find more details here.


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