Use A Single Length Of Ribbon To Make Presents Easier To Open!

This trick is so simple, but it might just make all the difference this season! Adding a length of ribbon to the inside of your wrapping paper will allow the paper to be ripped easily in half.

A big part of the joy in opening presents is ripping and shredding the wrapping paper to reveal the gift inside, but the sad reality is that some peopleĀ aren’t able to do this easily. Due to physical limitations or disabilities, unwrapping a present might be a lot more difficult than it would be for others. This method of gift wrapping includes all the fun of tearing into a present without the problem of needing to catch hold of the thin paper and small folds!
If you or someone you know could use this method for holidays and birthdays, be sure to share it! While wrapping presents can be tedious, adding a looped ribbon to the inside of the paper is just one extra step! Being able to peel the paper and still “rip” it open is all a part of the magic of receiving a gift!

Have you heard about this trick before? We think it’s great!

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