Use A Doily To Create An AMAZING Personalized Monogram! Gorgeous!

Giving out personalized items as gifts is a lot easier than you might think! Monograms are an excellent way to dress up any bag or accessory, and making them yourself isn’t actually that complicated. Using a doily, acrylic paint, and finishing spray, the project will be durable and still look amazing! With a cloth bag and a lot of optimism, this woman sets out to show you exactly how easy the entire process can be!9-30a8After spraying the doily with a spray adhesive, she stuck the paper doily to the cloth to be sure that the paint wouldn’t get underneath and ruin the design. She dabbed paint carefully into the spaces of the doily, careful not to place paint outside of the paper. Before the paint dries, she pulled the doily off so that the paint wouldn’t come off along with it.9-30a9Very carefully, she painted the letter in with a paintbrush, following a light tracing, making sure each line was as straight as possible. She went over the entire design lightly with an iron set on low heat. This set the paint and will prevent it from wearing off too quickly in the future.9-30a10This sort of gift is perfect for just about everyone. Who doesn’t love a spare bag to tote around various objects?9-30a11What did you think of this project? Would you have used a different style, or does this look perfect? We love this project! See more details here!


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