Urban Beekeeping Is Giving Homeless People A Way To Support Their Communities

In Montreal, the local beehives are giving many homeless people a way to learn a new skill and help out their communities and get back on their feet. The Accueil Bonneau homeless care center started a partnership with a beekeeping company four years ago, and the results are starting to show!

Over the years, dozens of Canada’s homeless have found a new place in society and a way to become independent thanks to the skills they learned in the program.The city is currently home to over 60 hives in the city and are kept and monitored by homeless apprentices learning everything about the care of bees. They learn how to safely harvest the honey and turn a profit by selling it in supermarkets that have opted to participate. They money they earn goes right back into the program, and a portion is paid to their homeless bee apprentices.

Beekeeping requires that a person be calm and gentle which doubles as a form of therapy for many of the participants.

They have created a self-sustaining program that they hope to grow into something that can help even more of the city’s homeless. Learning a new trade, being able to have a purpose each day, and being cared for in their most vulnerable time helps these people to find a place in society again – something that many of them never thought they would get back.

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