UPS Drivers Are Uploading Pictures Of The Dogs They Meet On Their Routes And They Are TOO CUTE!

Did you know that most UPS drivers carry a box of dog treats in their trucks? Before Sean McCarren started a Facebook page called UPS DOGS, neither did hundreds of thousands of people.

It all started when he was scrolling through the pictures on his phone and realized that he had dozens of photos of friendly pups from his routes. Some of the dogs were “regulars,” and some he had only met once…but they were all adorable! On a whim, he uploaded the pictures to a page he simply titled “UPS DOGS.”

He wanted to share his favorite part of the job with the world…and it took off. He thought that maybe a few people in his communities would appreciate seeing their curious pups online after saying hello to the friendly driver, but to his surprise, thousands and thousands of people began to like and share the stories.

UPS drivers around the world eventually stumbled across the page and submitted their own happy puppy pictures, spreading love and joy, one happy dog at a time!
They share their tips and tricks with one another for befriending strange dogs. The curious canines all seem to like hopping into the truck to greet the stranger at their doors, but mostly all of their new dog friends appreciate a free treat. 

I’ve gotten what feels like a billion messages saying, ‘This is the best page ever!’ Not just, ‘Hey, can you post my dog,’ but outpours of, ‘Thank you, this is great’ … It’s cool to see how it just brought everybody together.” McCarren said.

These are just precious!

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