UPS Driver Steps In To Adopt Pit Bull When Owner On Her Route Suddenly Passes Away

A woman named Tina could have refused to care for Leo when her son brought him home as a puppy. The young pit bull puppy was too young to be away from his mother and couldn’t eat solid food, but Tina didn’t shy away from the challenge. For weeks, she bottle-fed Leo until he was strong enough to eat real food, and from then on, his loyalty never strayed.

When Leo would hear Katie’s UPS truck, he would bark and run out to happily greet their friendly neighborhood delivery woman. Like clockwork, she could expect a quick cuddle with the happy dog before resuming her work day. But one day, she was saw that Tina had unexpectedly passed away, leaving Leo without a home.

Katie knew that it would be a tight squeeze at her house – she had four other animals! – but wasn’t going to give up on finding Leo a home. After his entire world had been turned upside-down, he needed something familiar. She agreed to foster him, and discovered that Leo had been suffering from a wide array of ailments, including rashes from a food allergy, ear infections, and skin issues.

She took him to the vet and hopes to get him back to rights soon! Leo is definitely one of the family now!

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