UPS Driver Caught Taking Adorable Selfies With Local Dogs

Doniel Kidd drives for UPS delivering packages and doing an all around great job of it…but he has one weakness: adorable pups! While he was out making deliveries one day, he walked up to the home of a regular client and her three dogs immediately rushed over to say hello. He didn’t waste any time at all.

He pulled out his phone and got on the ground to say hello to the playful pooches and took a few selfies while he was at it! But he had no idea that his client was inside watching the whole thing! She took a picture of him taking a selfie and it went viral! He didn’t realize that he was being watched, and that somehow makes the entire story that much more adorable.Many of his clients in the neighborhood know about his love for dogs and often bring them outside to say hi! The dogs know the sound of the UPS truck and get excited when he comes around.

I’m an animal lover… If I can pet a dog, and make him feel good, I will,” he said.

Other people in the neighborhood report that he has known some of their dogs since they were puppies. Their dogs will growl and bark at all of the other delivery services, but when Kidd shows up in his big brown truck, they know that a friend has come to play!It pays to make friends with the dogs – especially if you’re a delivery man!

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