“Unnerving” Tribute To Princess Diana Is Scaring People At This Market Hall

In honor of the 20th anniversary of the death of Princess Diana, tributes to the princess have been popping up all around the world, but some of them are a little worse than others.

To start, “well dressing” is a tradition where people use natural materials, such as flower petals and moss, to create portraits or images. In this case, 14 volunteers came together with heir best intentions to use the art of well dressing to pay tribute to Princess Diana…but their best intentions fell a little short, if you ask the people who live there.
While most people think that the temporary monument is horrific, they also think that Princess Diana would have loved it, especially with her sense of humour!

Others say that ripping into the tribute is unnecessary. 14 people go together and gathered different items to create her likeness when they could have just stayed home. Instead, they donated their time and resources to try their best…

And even though it isn’t an exact portrayal of their favorite princess, it came fairly close! Whether or not people hated the results, the sentiment behind the attempt was appreciated…mostly.

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