Unidentified Person Has Been Vandalizing Park Benches With “Hostile” Device. People Are OUTRAGED!

When Will Sommer spotted this contraption nailed onto park benches in D.C., he was disgusted and decided to tweet about it. They called it “hostile architecture” and reported it to the city. So, why exactly is it “hostile?” It was made with the intent to target an repel a targeted demographic, and meant to discourage the use of the benches for sleeping.

Someone had been freelancing these make-shift “anit-homeless” dividers and attaching them to the benches in Lamont Park without the city’s permission. The city immediately handed the task to Parks and Recreations who removed them quickly. People were disgusted that someone would try and harm the homeless of their city – many of which end up on those park benches because the shelters fill up so quickly each day.

A few people defended the bench-dividing vigilante, but more said that they would rather their city invest into better mental health care and programs to get their homeless back on their feet instead. Benches are expensive in the short term, but being able to help their homeless regain their lives and join the workforce should be the ultimate goal.

What do you think of “hostile architecture?”

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