Uh oh!! Now That Was Unexpected…

What is it with the look of guilty dogs that leave us defenseless and paralyzed, their cuteness rendering us incapable of getting mad? Such is the case with these pair of Maltese, Gnarly and Kacy. Their owner comes home to a pile of Kleenex chewed and snacked on lying on the ground. But as it is with pets, once they get caught, they falsify innocence then later give in to an outpouring of guilt, while being immaculately cute along the way.

Gnarly is the one on the sofa, seemingly unsure whether to rat on the obvious culprit, Kacy, whose head is still stuck inside the box of tissue. It is funny how Kacy stands still on the corner of the playroom with the box stuck on her head. Situations like this truly give us amusement, yet it happens all the time inside every house. Even if our pets create a mess, all they need to do is give us that big puppy-dog eyes and we surrender and forget our anger, while cleaning up after them.

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