Uber Driver’s Son To Compete In The Rio Olympics, But He Can’t Go. When His Passenger Finds Out? WOW.

In Pennsylvania, an Uber driver named Ellis Hill can’t stop praising the accomplishments of his son. Darrell, he proudly boasts, will be competing in the Olympics in Rio.

He was driving a client, Liz Willock, for over an hour and the two ended up with a lot to talk about. When they ended up on the topic of the Olympics that year, Ellis told her about his son. Darrell would be competing in shot put, and that he was very excited about it.

She asked if he had ever been to Rio before, but he said that no, “I really can’t afford it.”

Willock was moved. As a sales leader for a concierge service, she knew people who knew people when it came to traveling. She felt strongly that she could make his trip happen.

If I could get you a ticket, would you go?” 8.4a15 8.4a16

He was shocked and reminded her that she didn’t even know him – it was a big favor to ask of a stranger.

I believe you and I were fated to meet and I’m going to try to make this happen.”

She used her connections and started a campaign for the excited father, and in just two days, they met their goal and then some! Ellis was stunned. Out of all the donators, he only knew 10 of them. The rest were total strangers, but he saw that Willock was able to come through. Ellis will be attending the Rio Olympics to watch and encourage his son to do his best!

Liz was only a stranger for 5 minutes. We talk all the time now and I know we’re going to be friends for a long time.”

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