Uber Driver Realized That She RECOGNIZED Her Passenger’s Destination. Pure Chaos Follows!!

Twitter user Msixella, now known across the internet at UberBae, picked up a client who was heading to her boyfriend’s house for a visit. Msixella let the passenger use her AUX cord to listen to music, offered her water, and listened as the woman told her all about how excited she was to finally be able to spend time with her boyfriend. The woman was going to a familiar address – it was the apartment complex that Msixella’s own boyfriend lived in, too – but that wasn’t all too strange because hundreds of people lived there as well.

That morning, Msixella had said goodbye to her boyfriend and wished him well for an extended trip. He had told her that his mother was in the hospital and that he had to go and be with her. She helped him pack his luggage the day before, spent the night, and in the morning, helped him load up his car as he drove off to the airport while she started her job as an Uber driver…

But when she pulled into the apartment complex, her boyfriend’s car was back in its usual spot. The passenger took out her phone to text “her boyfriend” and let him know that she has arrived…and who walks out? Msixella’s man!


She chased him and caught him before he could escape back into his apartment! She was so angry that she couldn’t contain herself. All three of them began fighting – her passenger thought that she was crazy, and her man was caught in the middle!

Msixella just got into her car and drove off, forgetting the woman’s luggage in the back.

She returned it later, but refuses to speak to her now-ex-boyfriend. Bravo!

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