“Uber Against Hunger” Delivers 1,000th Meal To The Needy In Austin, TX!

The Unsung app is an awesome tool to help fight hunger in our communities, and Austin, TX just proved it by accomplishing something incredible. The app was being testing in the city, bringing unused and leftover food to the people who needed it the most. They were using the hash tag #HackHunger.

Grocery stores, restaurants, food trucks, and even people who had simply purchased too many groceries could announce via the app that they had a meal ready to donate. The app then lets users know where to pick up the food, and volunteers can make the trip and deliver it to people in need.

The app calculates the value of the meal donation so that donors can declare them as tax deductible – further incentive for restaurants and small businesses to donate unused food items.7.29a14Each delivered meal gets recorded and posted to the app’s live feed, and has gotten such a great reputation that Unsung is setting up networks to be able to reach cities and communities all over the United States.

They are helping to stop people from going hungry and reduce food waste being tossed into dumpsters at the end of each day. The 1,000th delivery was made via a helpful Uber driver, and people are excited to be able to actually do something to help in their own communities. Waiting for corporations to do something about the billions of pounds of perfectly-edible food waste isn’t working. People are taking the problem into their own hands, and it’s awesome.

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