Two Years Ago, Their Photograph Went Viral. Today, They Have Reunited To Recreate It With Stunning Joy!

Ainsley, Rylie, and Rheann were battling different forms of cancer when they took this breathtaking picture together years ago. Dressed in vintage lace and pearls, the girls took comfort in the fact that they were not alone. They were fighting together. The photograph quickly went viral.

People everywhere were inspired by the bravery of the young girls, and many people were curious as to how they were doing. They decided to meet years later and take an all new picture.


Dressed in bright colors and showing off their smiles, the girls held their old portrait. They look so different, and you can see the grace and happiness beaming through as they proudly show off how much they have changed and grown.4.5a4

Riley, the youngest of the group, gets scans every few months, but is still growing stronger every day. She is no longer in the hospital and has started Pre-K and participates in many activities such as dance and gymnastics.

Ainsley continues monthly blood work, but is officially in remission.

Rheann, the oldest, has permanently lost her hair due to numerous rounds of chemotherapy and radiation treatments, and her eyes have a slight droop due to a previous tumor. Despite this, she is happy to be alive and has many friends to play with during and after school.

The beautiful little girls are happy, healthy, and inspire many people each time their picture is shared! They are just precious!

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