Two Women And Their Dogs Were Finally Rescued After Surviving Five Months Lost At Sea

Along with their two faithful dogs, Jennifer Appel and Tasha Fuiava had set out on a voyage to sail from Hawaii to Tahiti in the spring…but they never made it to their destination.

Shortly after starting their long journey, their engine was damaged during bad weather. They were skilled sailors and decided to rely on the wind and currents to help them reach land. Unfortunately, they sailed off course and began issuing distress calls after they realized what had happened. They began to send out distress calls each day, but they were too far from anyone who might have been listening.

The pair had prepared for the worst by bringing a year’s worth of food and survived by using water purifiers.¬†

Finally, after five months of sending out distress signals and eating their rations of rice and oatmeal, a Taiwanese fishing boat saw them. They contacted the U.S. Coast Guard who rescued the women nearly 1,000 miles southeast of Japan! The women were thousands of miles away from where they thought they were and were rescued from their damaged sailboat on a Wednesday morning.

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