Two Syrian Refugees Tried To Talk To Him In Broken English. What They Said Is Going VIRAL!

The flood of refugees coming to countries around the globe have a lot of people on edge. Canada has taken in many, and what people seem to forget is that these refugees…are people. They are young and old and have been through a lot. They left everything behind because their homes were no longer safe. We don’t truly remember what it means to uproot our families from everything that we’ve known, tried to learn a new language, and find employment in a society that we can’t relate to. The majority of our ancestors were immigrants, but over the decades, we have forgotten what that means. This man got a first-hand look at the everyday struggle for two elderly immigrants.


…and then here are these people just happy to be in our great country…”


They are grateful. It’s hard, learning a new language and finding a new place in society, but these brave people are doing it with smiles on their faces and hope in their eyes. They are incredible, and this photograph is gorgeous. I can see her standing at her stove, baking cookies for her grandchildren just like my grandmother used to. I can see her laughing around the dinner table with her family. They might not speak the same language, but they are thankful to be able to live in a safe place.

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