Two Supermarket Managers Celebrate Their Wedding Where It All Began

Meeting your soulmate can happen at any time, and in any place. My grandmother always warned us that we should never leave the house without looking our best because “you never know when you’ll meet your true love.” We thought she was a little crazy…but apparently, she was right. Even a quick trip to the supermarket might change a life. In the case of Rodney and Jessica, true love knew no bounds.

The managers at Cole Supermarkets in Australia wanted to document their relationship in a quirky way. They spent much of their time at work, and since its where they met and fell in love, it only felt right to have their wedding photos taken in the isles.They “shopped” together, posing among the produce and dried goods, and generally being downright adorable about it.

Jessica swapped her bouquet for a bunch of broccoli (and even tossed it to a bridesmaid!) while they smiled and laughed at inside jokes for the camera. It wasn’t what most people would have chosen, but it worked for them!

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