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Two Little League Players From Different Countries Bond While Using Google Translate | HappyTango

Two Little League Players From Different Countries Bond While Using Google Translate

On one balmy Sunday afternoon in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, these two teams gathered to play for the Little League title. With healthy competition looming on the horizon, kids were eager to hang out and get to know one another. Bob Holtzman shared this picture of two players after he realized what they had been up to.Sitting in the shade, their equipment laying forgotten on the ground, they were both preoccupied with their phones. When Holtzman asked what they were up to, he was told that they were using Google to translate and speak to one another. Translating from English to Spanish and Spanish to English, the boys were talking about how different their lives were and creating a bond that would hopefully last for years to come.

At first, the boys looked like they were ignoring one another and simply taking advantage of the shade…but they were deeply engrossed in conversation, sharing life stories and asking questions about how their days usually went outside of the game.

The boys had bonded using technology, and while some parents chimed in to say that children that young shouldn’t have phones…others said that this picture was the exact reason that children shouldn’t be kept away from technology.

In the end, these two kids were able to share a meaningful moment over a hot weekend…all thanks to the power of the internet!

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