Two Kids Stole Her Bag While She Was Having A Seizure. Her Punishment For Them Is PERFECT!

Naomi Strain lives with a harsh reality. Once or twice a week, she suffers from epileptic seizures which cause her to lose roughly 90 minutes of her life per episode. Her uncontrolled epilepsy means that she has to plan her days accordingly and rarely leaves the house in order not to have them in public.

While out on a bike ride, she could feel a seizure coming on. She was able to stop and chain her bike to a bench before the fit came on. After the seizure, she slowly regained consciousness and realized that her backpack, wallet, bike helmet, and even her medical ID bracelet had all been stolen.She was devastated and hurt that someone would take advantage of her in such a state and immediately sought help from social media. She posted on a local Facebook page describing her missing items and hoping that someone had seen something that would help.

Soon after posting, she received a message from a distraught mother who believed she had found the items in her son’s closet. She asked Strain if she should meet her at the police station or somewhere else. Her sons, it turned out, were 13 and 14.

Apparently, the children came across her and panicked. Instead of helping, they took her things…but didn’t really know what to do with them. Strain explained to them how their actions affected her and decided that the boys should attend a first aid course instead of filing charges against them.

She could give me a few quid and it wouldn’t mean anything, but if they can go off and learn what to do in the future – if they came across somebody in the same situation they’ll be able to do something about it,” she said.

The boys learned a very valuable lesson.

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