Two Huskies Were Abandoned Next To This Box. They Were Left With A Heartbreaking Note.

At a busy dog park in California, two Husky puppies were watching the other dogs running and playing, wondering where their human had gone. After leaving them stranded in the park near a box of food and toys, their human had vanished. The dogs hadn’t been restrained, leaving them in real danger of being run over on the busy road outside of the dog park. The dogs could have easily hopped the fence. Luckily, bystanders realized that the dogs weren’t being watched by anyone. When the park’s manager received a call that there were two Huskies abandoned in the park, she rushed to pick them up. Others in the park were able to piece together a time frame. Despite the hot weather, they had been left outside for over three hours and were at risk of overheating.

The manager was furious as this wasn’t the first time something like this had happened. Instead of calling a local shelter for help, the person had abandoned the dogs in sweltering heat in the hopes that someone might notice that they were alone. The dogs could have easily been overlooked as they had already been alone for hours before someone realized their situation.

The note left with the dogs’ supplies stated that their names were Jada and Layla, 1-year-old Husky pups, and asked that they not be split up.

This makes me feel angry. This is not the way you give dogs away. All they had to do was ask for help,” the manager said.

After their story went viral on social media, their original owner was shocked. She claims that she had met a woman at the park and arranged to have the dogs re-homed. Once the woman who was meant to take them in met them, she realized that she wasn’t ready to take on two large dogs and left them, too embarrassed to return them to the original owner. Hopefully, they find a new home soon. Too often, abandoned dogs end up injured in traffic. This time, they were lucky.

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