Two High School Kids Gave A Homeless Man A Coat During A Blizzard. In Return? He Wrote A Check For $10,000!

In 2013, two kids saw a man walking in a blizzard with no jacket. He said that he was heading to the train station to visit his father, who was dying.

They were students at Dwight Township High School and couldn’t give him much, but they couldn’t just do nothing. They were able to give him a coat, some clothes, and money for a train ticket. That ended up being everything that he needed!

They hadn’t heard from him since, but wished him well.


When the homeless man’s father eventually passed away, he left behind a $1.2 million dollar estate. The homeless man was now a millionaire and moved to California…but he was not able to forget the two high school kids that helped him when he needed it the most.

He wrote a check for $10,000 and sent it to the boy’s high school as a donation.

The school board decided to use the money as a way to reward two students with $500 every year for the next 10 years. The money would be given to students who also perform acts of kindness and charity. They are able to fill out a form and apply for the funds when they are off to college!

When asked, the two students did not want to be recognized. And that made their good deed all the more beautiful!

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