Two Grannies Worked Together And Became The CUTEST Flower Girls!

Josh and Maggie decided together that they didn’t want to go the traditional route for choosing the flower girl for their wedding. They decided to honor their grandmothers instead, and the two women were incredibly excited to carry such a special honor on the big day!

Maggie wanted to honor her grandmother especially because her father passed away from colon cancer before he would ever walk her down the isle. She bonded with her grandmother, Grandma Joyce, who was feeling the loss of her son even more so on this day.

She is like a second mother to me. My grandparents have been a huge support in my life and I learned to really value their opinions and stories.” Maggie said.7.15a10

Maggie is sure that her father was looking down on them that day, laughing and smiling as he watched the procession unfold. His mother, giggling and tossing flower petals in front of his daughter being escorted by his father, knowing that although he couldn’t be there for her…his family lovingly stepped in to fill his shoes.

The groom’s grandmother, Grandma Drue, was excited to be able to participate as she had also had a close relationship with her grandson. It seemed a natural invitation to accept, and she loved being involved.

Maggie’s grandfather warned her that Grandma Joyce would probably need to go home early and might not stay for the entire reception…but this photograph was taken during the second-to-last song of the night!

7.15a11These strong women are role models for their grandchildren, who hope to one day be in their shoes.

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