Tuxedo Kitten Found Barely Breathing In The Wilderness. His Story Is Inspiring!

When the 8-week-old kitten was first discovered, he was in the middle of nowhere, hours away from civilization. Someone called for help to care for the animal and originally said that the kitten only had one eye. When a woman named Savannah heard about the kitten, she drove to help him, determined to save his life. When she finally met him, she realized that he still had both eyes…but he was in dire shape.She brought him to a vet who confirmed that the infection was so severe, the kitten might die from the operation…and that they wouldn’t be able to save the eye. The kitten was too small to hook up to monitors, and a breathing tube wouldn’t fit into his throat. The vet could try to operate, but at this point, the kitten might not survive.

Savannah chose to go forward with the operation as the kitten would die without it.

Incredibly, the kitten, now named Scar, survived the operation and was incredibly active. He was so active, in fact, that he ended up ripping a few of his stitches after surgery. That’s when Savannah got the idea to make a custom eye patch!

Her friend Jarrett overheard her talking about the kitten during a class that they shared and offered to create a one-of-a-kind patch.
This little pirate kitten might not have an eye, but he’s sure got a whole lot of love! He would have died without their help, and he is so lucky to be alive!

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