Try This Super Simple DIY Art Project For A Floral POP Of Color!

This adorable art project doesn’t require very much to create, but the results are absolutely stunning! The only things you’ll need are probably already lying around in your spare room…

Well, only if you happen to have a spare bouquet of fake flowers in there, too…but other than that, this fun project might be just what you need to get through a rainy afternoon!

On a piece of cardboard, draw or trace out the outline of a letter. Mark out the initial (or even just your favorite letter) and cut it out of the cardboard. Be sure not to bend the cardboard while you’re tracing out the letter or it might make it difficult to hang up later.

Arrange the fake flowers and glue them down with a hot glue gun (don’t burn your fingers!) and get excited. It’s almost done. That’s how easy this project is.

Once the whole thing is complete, spruce it up even more by placing it in a pretty frame! This project is perfect for accent walls and dorm rooms. Do you love it enough to try it out today?
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