Truck Full Of Eels Overturns On The Highway And Grosses Out EVERYONE! EW!

They were just minding their own business, driving along the highway and hoping to get to their destinations on time…when out of nowhere, a truck filled with eels suddenly overturns and creates a huge, sticky, slimy mess. The wrecks that resulted were downright disgusting!

When hagfish are in danger, they secrete a thick, oozing goo that, in nature, helps them to escape from predators. Based on the amount of slime and ooze that coated everything within reach, its safe to assume that these eels were aware of the danger.
The truck was apparently on its way to deliver the eels for consumption in South Korea, but they never made it. The delicious eels met an untimely end on the pavement, making a huge mess. Officials on the scene were baffled.  The images quickly went viral as people tried to understand what they were looking at in the first place.

Firefighters and road crews tried their best to spray the slime away from the area, but it was extremely stubborn and wasn’t coming off easily. They closed off part of the road as they tried to get rid of the dangerous, slippery slime, but it was hard going.

Thankfully, there were no injuries in the resulting crashes, but it was still inconvenient! This gross accident may be hard to explain to the insurance companies…Yikes!

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