Truck Driver Stranded 28 Hours On Icy Road Receives Incredible Visitor Who Traveled 6 Miles!

Eileen Eagle Bears, an 18-year-old woman, noticed that there was a trucker stranded by icy conditions on the road. The trucker, a man named Peter Douglas, realized that he was stranded in his semi on the highway when he couldn’t make it up a steep hill covered in ice. He applied all of his breaks, but the truck still slid backwards down the hill. Fortunately, the truck stopped in perfect view of one of the traffic cameras…cameras that Eagle Bears and her family look at from time to time.¬†Douglas knew that his family would have found his truck through those same cameras, and hunkered down for what would hopefully be a short wait before he could leave.

The next morning, he was greeted by a woman and her horse trekking up the steep hill with a gift: a thermos of hot coffee! She had traveled just over three miles up and three miles down to reach him on the hill, and he was thankful.

He surprised again when she returned a second time, but this time with a thermos of hot stew and potatoes!

Eventually, Douglas was towed out of the precarious position and was able to finish his trip. He still has the thermoses and plans to personally return them the next time he passes through the area.

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