Tragedy Struck For The Parents Of 3-Year-Old Aiden…When A Grieving Father Made One Last Request, The Internet Banded Together And Did Something INCREDIBLE!


His parents received a phone call that chilled them to the core: their baby boy had fallen down the stairs and was in critical condition at the hospital.

The news was terrifying. Doctors had to put him into a medically induced coma to try and help his little body pull through, but the damage was just too severe for him to recover from. His parents made the most difficult decision of their lives…they decided to donate their son’s organs because it is what Aiden would have wanted.

To Aiden, a super hero was the most incredible person – always doing good and protecting others.

Using a photo that he had snapped only 2 days prior, he asked if anyone would be willing to turn his son into Spiderman, Aiden’s favorite super hero of all. The amount of people that joined in on this incredible journey was astounding! Dozens of people took the time to share their artistic talents and pay homage to this brave little boy who had been taken from his family too soon!

The best ones are still up, and while his parents have deleted the original post, Aiden’s memory lives on.


His sweet little face will always be remembered as a super hero in his parent’s eyes!


One VERY talented artist spent a lot of time on this piece! Incredible!


In a traditional comic book style, one artist let Aiden hang out with his favorite hero forever!1.29c5

And some thought that Aiden was his own special kind of super hero!

His parents have a lot to remember their precious son by, and all of these kind artists can take comfort in the fact that in some small way, they helped these grieving parents to cope with the loss of their little boy. The internet can truly be an incredible place!

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