Tourist Replaces Famous Monuments With Tackiest Souvenirs

Michael Hughes has a curious hobby, but one that has gained him a lot of internet fame!

It all started in 1998 at the Lorelei cliffs next to the river Rhine in Germany. He brought a postcard that he had purchased for his daughter when he realized that he was standing in the exact spot that the photographer had stood. It matched the background exactly, and he snapped the picture…starting a hobby that would become an internet sensation!He purchases still little souvenirs, some handmade, others mass produced, and searches for the perfect angle that will match up to the area surrounding the landmark.He stands as far back or as close as he needs to in order to line up the object with the actual monument.Sometimes, they don’t line up perfectly, but the illusion is still very striking.The reflection of the actual monument is upside-down in this snow globe, but that is what makes it even more exciting.This monument was perfectly proportioned on top of this spoon.The pyramids.This souvenir of Big Ben isn’t all that tacky, but those locals seem to find the idea comical!Will you be trying this out on your next adventure? Going on vacation and bringing back a souvenir is a popular way to see famous places around the world…but taking a picture of the souvenir instead of the monument is a clever way to go about it!

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