Tortoise Loses Leg In Mongoose Attack And Gains A Set Of Wheels!

An Indian star tortoise (named for the star shaped patterns on its back) barely survived a mongoose attack after losing her front right leg. It was a horrible situation, and she might not have made it if these clever caretakers had not come up with a genius (and adorable) solution.

They work at the Araingar Anna Zoological Park in Chennai, and didn’t want this little tortoise to be forever mangled after the attack. A prosthetic leg would be too difficult to attach to her body, and a cart would be too cumbersome. They did a trial-and-error style approach and finally settled on a pair of lightweight wheels attached to her under-shell. She can use her remaining three legs to “scoot” across the ground, probably making her the fastest tortoise ever.6.23a10

There are 14 other tortoises at the zoo, and at feeding time, she is always the first to make it to the food pile. She can still do the things that little tortoises love to do – play with friends, explore her enclosure, and of course, eat all of the yummy veggies!6.23a8

She learned how to maneuver with her makeshift wheels fairly quickly and doesn’t let her disability stop her from living. Seriously, that mongoose had better watch out! She’s more than ready for round 2.6.23a9┬áThis adorable animal has a new way to move around after a terrible accident and is expected to live a full, normal life thanks to the help from these awesome humans!

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