Too Many Leftover Halloween Pumpkins? Paint Them White And Turn Them Into SNOWMEN!

Did you buy real pumpkins for your Halloween or fall decorations? Not sure what to do with them now? One crafty lady has a great idea! She had more than eight pumpkins leftover from Halloween and felt awful throwing them away (who wouldn’t?), so she got to thinking…and decided to research a way to repurpose them. She looked to her favorite bloggers and eventually found the inspiration she was looking for: paint them white!11-4a4Not only doesn’t the paint allow them to last a little longer, it hides any bruising or imperfections that the pumpkin may have sustained from its time earlier in the season. (Plus, it’s so easy!)

She painted them, assembled them, and used little decorations to give the pumpkins a snowman shape! Getting your pumpkins to stack might be tricky, and since pumpkins are all shaped differently, we’ll leave that bit up to you!11-4a1She took a simple idea and ran with it, turning regular ‘ole pumpkins into literal works of art. The cute faces, the orange dots instead of whole carrots, and the detail of a black pumpkin on top to represent a hat make her entryway seem like a winter wonder land! (Even if it doesn’t often snow where you live!)

The “magic” of the season is whimsical, creating snowmen, cutting out snowflakes, spending precious time with family cozied up to a fire…it’s the little details that make a memory, and we think she’s come up with the perfect way to represent it. See more details here.


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