Toddler Can’t Believe Her Dad Is Magic

Cute, sweet, and funny perfectly capture this video of a beautiful toddler completely amazed by her father’s magic trick. Her dad captures her imagination by tricking her into believing he ate and threw up the toy centipede.

My God, she could not believe her eyes! Her dad is the most magical thing in the history of forever! The look on her face, her adoration and amazement, is priceless. Once she grows up, she will look back at this video and it will bring her a tremendous amount of joy, just like how watching it has brought us a lot of smiles. Isn’t she the cutest?

Tender moments like this remind us of the joys of being a kid, of looking up to our fathers, and just being grateful for the magic of innocence. While this video is truly funny, it also tugs at your heartstrings. Can you think of a similar moment you shared with your dad or your kid?


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