“To Snuggle With A Basket Of Kittens” This Hospice Patient Gets Her Dying Wish

Carol is in hospice care and knows that she doesn’t have much time left. She spends as much time as she can with her family and friends, but something that she’s always wanted to do made its way to the Great Plains SPCA, and they just had to help! Who could say ‘no’ to this face?

Sometimes, snuggling adorable puppies and kittens helps patients to make miraculous recoveries, and at the very least, raises their happiness levels! Her only wish wasn’t to travel the world, to meet a celebrity, or to watch a movie before it would be released. Her only wish was to be able to snuggle a basket full of kittens. 10-25a14When volunteers arrived with a basket brimming with adorable animals, Carol’s face lit up like a child’s on Christmas morning! She was so excited to be able to interact with the little cuddly furballs and couldn’t contain herself! They were just too adorable.10-25a15The program from GC Hospice is called “Happiness Is..” and knew that, to Carl, happiness is a basket full of cuddly, furry, adorable kittens. She told the kittens how cute they were, she enjoyed the feel of their furry paws batting away at her blankets, and one kitten even began to climb around her shoulders, exploring her hair!

Being a kitten’s playground was a dream come true, and Carol’s story is touching everyone’s hearts! Too precious!


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