To Fight The Outrageous Housing Prices In San Francisco, One Man Decides To Like In A “Pod” Instead!

San Francisco is notorious for having expensive rent. Looking to rent a one-bedroom apartment in the city? That’ll run an average of around $3,500 per month! Sharing that small of a space is difficult, and with that kind of price tag, it’s no wonder that people have started coming up with clever ways to get around the cost.

Peter Berkowitz, a 25-year-old illustrator, came up with a unique solution to this problem. He made arrangements to live with a friend in a small apartment without taking up an entire room. They sectioned off a part of the living room and created a “pod.”


It’s small enough that it doesn’t take up an entire area of the house, and can still be used as a make-shift shelf. The creation of the pod eliminates the problems that come with sharing a small apartment that doesn’t have enough bedrooms. Having someone live in the living room makes that area feel “off-limits.” Even adding a partition can make it difficult to “forget” that someone else is there. 4.1a9

The pod is a living-room in itself. With a cushioned back rest and a table that folds down, the pod is a great escape that allows him to sleep, work, and relax in the small area without disturbing the room.4.1a10It has storage and shelving space, and when the door and skylight are open, ventilation. While it may not be the easiest solution, it is the cheapest. He pays $508 a month ($400 in rent, $108 in payments for the supplies to build the pod) and lives close to the beach.4.1a11

The small room is 8′ x 2.4′ x 4.5′ and is surprisingly bigger on the inside than it looks! His family came by to visit, and were able to sit in the cozy space without trouble!4.1a12

This is a clever solution to a very difficult problem. He hopes that his idea will inspire others to do the same. It’s easier to rent out space in a home if it can be closed off – and this pod serves as the perfect example!

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