To Capture This Sweet Image, This Photographer Went Above And Beyond

Jaide Camacho was told by the doctors that her son, Axel, wouldn’t live but a few days.

He was born after a normal pregnancy with a pediatric stroke and brain hemorrhage. I remember thinking about what my favorite holiday would be like without him here. I became a little jealous looking over friends and family’s Santa photos, only to realize I cannot take my medically fragile baby to the mall for photos like most others.” She wrote on Faceook.

But she wasn’t going to give up. It was her son’s first Christmas, and there just had to be a solution. She got creative and reached out to a local photographer, Jeff Roffman of Jeff Roffman Photography, and it ended up being one of the best decisions she could have made.Not only did Roffman agree, he went the extra mile to assure that baby Axel would be as safe as possible. He made sure that Santa had gotten his flu shot. He scheduled their session after all of the other children taking photos with Santa. He even offered for everyone present to wear face masks!

This photographer gave me everything I wanted in my sweet baby’s photo. We are so grateful that God has allowed my son to enjoy this wonderful time of the year with us.”

And the picture speaks for itself.

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