Tired Of That Argument: “What Do You Want To Eat?” The Rules For This Method Are FLAWLESS!

That fight – you know the one – where no one can agree on what to eat for dinner has been solved thanks to this intense, frighteningly accurate way to choose! Thought up by a kindergarten teacher, this method is fool proof and will have dinner settled in just minutes! There are two steps, and it is probably the cleverest way to decide! (We’ve seen some interesting methods, but this one takes the cake!)

First, grab a bunch of popsicle sticks. On one end, write out the names of all the “sit down” restaurants in your budget. On the other end, write out all of the “fast food” options in your area. Others have suggested making more sticks with places that deliver, too.

Second, choose someone to grab a stick – without looking – and agree to follow whatever choice has been made!
One of the “house rules” to this method is to remove any options that have been used in the past week to keep things interesting.

If there is a disagreement, one quick round of rock-paper-scissors usually solves any disputes! Save time, energy, (and money in some cases!) with this super easy trick! One commenter had a set of sticks for each person in their family; whoever won the game of rock-paper-scissors got to use their set of favorites!

Would it work in your house? At the very least, it would help to narrow things down!

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