Tired Of Cleaning Glass Surfaces? Give Them A MARBLE Makeover For Less Than $10!

Fingerprints, smudges, and curious stains all seem magnified on a glass countertop. Constantly wiping and scrubbing and chipping away at stains and spots is enough to drive anyone mad – but polishing away streaks afterwards is needless work! Thankfully, the trend towards do-it-yourself these days provides a remedy for just about everything! (Including dirty glass-top tables! Hooray!)

It’s easy, too! All you need is marble-print contact paper. DIYers around the country are obsessed with this stuff, making useful office accessories, transforming kitchen counters, and even upgrading a refrigerator with the versatile paper. The adhesive back makes it simple to apply – just be sure to wipe away any bits of lint or dust beforehand!11-21a1Measure out a length of paper and leave a half-inch to fold over the sides of your glass pane. Pull the backing off of the contact paper and smooth away trapped air bubbles as you go. The flexible paper won’t leave creases or crinkles, so go as quickly or slowly as you like. Fold the edges around the glass pane and double-check for air bubbles (they can be tricky!) before placing the pane back into your table or nightstand.11-21a2The finished look could easily be polished marble! The great news is that if you get tired of it after a few months, you can just as easily remove the paper and try out a different print. Many people use this easy method to decorate for holidays without spending too much.11-21a3What do you think of this idea? Would you try it out on your glass furniture? You can find the full tutorial here.


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