Tip Leaves Waitress Stunned And Inspired Others To Do The Same For One Heartbreaking Reason

Claire Hudson had been working as a waitress at Mac’s Grub Shak for a few months when she came across a patron that made her leave the floor to compose herself. Along with a 124% tip, the man wrote a heartbreaking reason for his actions that brought Hudson to tears. She brought the note to her manager, who also couldn’t help the tears that started.

The man sat down with one other guest and ordered a coney island hot dog, a burger, and drank two beers. It wasn’t an unusual order, but when he tipped $36 dollars on a $29 dollar tab, Hudson scrutinized the receipt, noticing that there had been writing on the back of it. She flipped it over to read and immediately lost her composure.10-25a7The anonymous patron goes out for a hot dog each year on what would have been his brother’s birthday to honor his memory and tips how old the man would have been.

When Hudson brought the receipt to her manager, he couldn’t believe it. His own brother had passed away as well and would have been 28 in a few weeks.

As more people discovered the story, they found themselves wanting to do the same to honor their lost loved ones. Having their favorite meal to remember them by won’t bring them back, but it may help keep their memory alive, and to many people, that chance is worth it.


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