Tiny Kitten Rescued From Being Put Down When Cat Owner Realizes They Look IDENTICAL!

One afternoon in Japan, a woman was scrolling through social media during her lunch break when she happened to see a startlingly familiar face staring back at her. At first, she thought it was her own cat that had somehow gotten outside, but when she scrolled back to study the picture, she realized that it was only a kitten. She knew that the shelter only kept kittens for one week before putting them down. With no space or resources to care for the animals, it was better than leaving them to starve or be killed on the streets.

So, she took a day off work and drove to the shelter. To get there on time, she had to leave her house at 4:30a.m., but if it meant saving the kitten’s life, she didn’t mind at all.Little Unagi was just 2 months old and wanted to explore everything, while her own cat, Suzume, was wary of their new housemate. After the pair were introduced, they were nearly inseparable. The playful kitten and the cuddly cat loved to spend all of their time together.

The only difference between them, besides their age and gender, was the slight difference in their eye color! Unagi was the spitting image of Suzume, and it was all incredibly by chance!The little kitten was rescued and now lives a life filled with family and fun! (And laundry baskets!)

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