“Tiny iPhone” Tricking Thousands Of People Before They Realize What They’re Looking At

This photo was confusing people left and right, and the longer they stared, the more they were left scratching their heads. Why would someone buy such a tiny iPhone? Where did they buy over sized playing cards? That wine glass is too large to be placed so close to the edge of that coffee table. Were the cards somehow floating on top of this phone?! What is going on?!

The optical illusion was too much, and some people didn’t realize what they were seeing until it was pointed out to them. Can you figure out why this picture is so confusing? Maybe there was a second pane of glass that was allowing the cards to hover above the phone…?

And then the realized that the phone was actually on the floor beside the woman’s foot.

As far as optical illusions go, this one was pretty great. We’ve seen disguised phones before, but this one had people shaking their heads when they finally realized what had happened.

A see-through coffee table, an overly large wine glass, and just the right angle made this picture just about perfect. Did YOU get it at first glance?

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