Times Have Changed Since The 1940s…But When THIS Guy Explains It, It Might Not Have Changed As Much As We Think. What Do You Know!

When I think of “The 40s,” I imagine the “American Dream.” Typically in movies and books we hear of a hard-working guy, a domestic gal, a dog, a white picket fence, and 2 dapper little kids all nice and clean. It’s not exactly my “American Dream,” but according to my parents and grandparents, that was the life to aspire to. It was a different time with a different mindset, and while there was a lot of issues at the time, there were a lot of good things about it to. This guy proves his point so accurately, and he’s right. Family was and always will be the most important thing, no matter the year.


I still remember discovering my grandma’s box of fabric scraps. Most of it was discolored and frayed, and there were patches on most of the pieces. Some of the scraps were so small that I could barely wrap the pieces around my fingers. The threads were coming loose and the dye had faded to muted, dull colors. I asked her why she kept this box in her closet, and she just said, “we might need it later!” as if it was the most natural thing in the world. After she died, my aunts and uncles were going through her things to help my grandpa clean up. They were going to toss that box out, but I just couldn’t let them. I didn’t have any more time with my grandma, but I had this box of her fabric scraps. I’ll probably never use them, but they remind me of her, and that’s really what matters the most!

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