Tim The Puppy Is Only As Tall As This Can Of Beans And People Can’t Believe He’s Real

When Tim was born, he wasn’t breathing. The runt of the litter, even his own mother thought he was dead. His owner, Andrea McGowan, wasn’t going to give up. She wrapped him in a soft towel and rubbed him, eventually reviving him as he began to breathe on his own. This little fighter almost didn’t make it. Every two hours, she had to feed him with a bottle, which was difficult as sometimes, he didn’t want to feed. For days, she stuck to a rigorous schedule and was constantly worried that he would become dehydrated.

After each feeding, she would rub his belly to encourage him to eliminate, eventually naming him Tiny Tim because of how close he was to not surviving.

It was harder than when she raised her own three children because she couldn’t tell what he needed, she said, but is glad that she stuck with it instead of giving up. A few times, she thought that he wouldn’t make it. He was small and weak, and every movement was a challenge…but hour by hour, he grew just a little stronger.

Now, Tim is strong enough to be with Andrea as she goes to work at her fish and chips restaurant! The customers are in love with their teeny tiny mascot and love to see him as they pick up their orders!

He grew from 2.5 ounces into a whopping 9 ounces.

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